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Eco-Friendly Birthday Gifts for your Children

When it comes to buying birthday gifts for your kids, it can be hard to determine exactly what they want. Nowadays, kids seem to have everything, so it can be hard finding that perfect unique gift! Luckily, there are hundreds of eco-friendly options lovingly designed by local designers. From cute cards online to small and large gift boxes filled with unique products, we're guaranteed to have the best product for you here at Design 44.

All our products and sustainable gifts are designed by amazing local designers, whose craft is celebrated both in store and online. From soft toys, soft furnishings, books and birthday cards, we have everything you could possibly need for your child, both practical and just for fun. To explore the different options available for you, please read our latest article below.

Plush Toys and Teddies

When it comes to kids, you can never go wrong with a cute little teddy bear or plush toy to keep them company. From snuggling at night to carrying it around wherever they go, teddies are a great comfort for a lot of kids, even as they grow older. Rabbits, foxes and elephants are just a few favourites when it comes to animal teddies, and when they're sustainable toys, you can make a real environmental statement.

The Picca Loulou 'Ruff Bear' comes with style and a story, and he's all dressed up for a party in the moonlight with all of his friends! Each product is made with non-toxic, sustainable materials, designed with the highest of craftmanship to ensure the best product for your child. Also, the fruity baby rattles are ideal for smaller children to enjoy and play with, and were even recommended in Hello Magazine's parenting book!

Inspiring Books

Kiddies learn and develop from a really young age; they take in their surroundings and mimic the behaviour that they see. In order to ensure your child gets the best start in life, why not introduce them to some educational yet fun books for them to get lost in? All children love a bedtime story, and it also helps with their language development and literacy skills.

The 'Little People, Big Dreams' books are lovingly written and illustrated to appeal to children and their aspirations. For instance, the Stevie Wonder book highlights the musician’s life, and how he achieved everything he did despite the obstacles in his way. It's a great way to inspire and motivate children, even from a young age, and the bright drawings can even get their own creative juices flowing.

Gift Box

Stuck for a singular gift for your child? Small and large gift boxes are perfect for presenting them with a range of different products, all of which are bound to get them smiling. Whether you're looking to keep them entertained with exciting activity books, or buy them more practical gifts, there's a gift box out there for your little one.

Our large gift boxes here at Design 44 are lovingly crafted and designed to suit all kinds of individuals and circumstances. Our "little person, big ambition" gift boxes are perfect for your child, and come with a handy book, and picnic accessories such as water bottles and sustainable knives and forks. At Design 44, we design and sell gifts and cards online to anywhere in the UK. If you would like to get involved with designs and displaying your products in our store, please get in contact today by emailing

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