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Gift Boxes For All Occasions

When it comes to showing someone you really care, you can never go wrong with a gift box. There are collections out there for all kinds of people, all of which can be tailored to your loved one's needs and preferences. Of course, they make perfect birthday gifts, but there are so many other special occasions when you can surprise your loved one with a cute, eco friendly gift box.

Here at Design 44, we craft and sell sustainable gifts and products, including home accessories, skincare and confectionary. All of our products are crafted by local designers, and use sustainable materials and production methods to help protect the environment. Want to surprise someone you care about? Read our latest article below to see why gift boxes can be a great present today.

Mum To Be and 'Welcome to the World'

When a family member or a friend is welcoming a baby, it's always a perfect excuse to buy them gifts. Whether you're looking for a baby shower gift, mum-to-be gift box or small toys and teddies for the new arrival, they're a great way to show how much you really care. With gift boxes, your pack comes with assorted little treats for an expectant mother, either for her baby to enjoy, or for her to help during the pregnancy.

Here at Design 44, our large mum to be gift boxes contain a range of products perfect for an expectant mother. Each gift box comes with vegan friendly tea specially crafted for pregnancy, a self care book and a candle, plus other assorted treats. All products in our gift sets are lovingly designed by local designers and carefully selected to ensure they are completely sustainable and cruelty free.

Positive Wellbeing

When someone you love is having a rough time, it can be hard to figure out how to get them out of their rut. Sometimes, there's not much you can do other than let someone know that you care. Gift boxes can be a perfect way to achieve this, especially if they're full of goodies you know they'll love. Whether they're into their sustainable stationery or they keep plants in their home, there's a gift box out there for them.

Our eco friendly gift boxes here at Design 44 are perfect for a number of occasions, especially if you're just looking to cheer someone up. Our Be Happy gift box includes hand picked and locally designed items such as flavoured teas, a happiness journal and affirmation cards, which can really hit home on how much you care about someone. If your loved one loves skincare and bath products, our Box of Positivity gift hamper is the perfect choice.

That Special Someone

Fancy telling someone you love them with more than words? Gift boxes full of products you know they'll adore is the perfect way to show someone you care, even if it's just a random display of appreciation. Our Loving You is Easy gift box comes with a range of lovingly designed gifts and treats, such as a romantic gestures book, chocolate and a hand crafted "Love" candle. Small little indications that you care can make all the difference to someone's day, and can put you in the good books!

All of our products here at Design 44 are made from sustainable materials, and are crafted by local designers. Although our shop at the Derbion remains temporarily closed, we are still selling our gorgeous products online, whether you're looking for a gift box or a singular product.

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