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Gifts Guaranteed to Make Someone Smile

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week, but we should be looking after each other always, regardless of the time of year. Letting your loved ones know that you're there for them is always recommended, but why not show them this year instead? With plenty of gifts and products available to send a message of love and hope, you'll find what you need at our online eco shop!

Here at Design 44, we have a cute collection of high quality, sustainable gifts lovingly crafted by local designers. With a big emphasis on local businesses and eco-friendly produce, our gifts are guaranteed to make a statement with both your loved one and the environment. Want to show someone you love that they're in your thoughts? Read our latest article below for some top tips!

Little Pocket Gifts

Most of the time, you don't need to make some large gesture to show someone how much you really care. To make someone smile, it's all about finding gift that comes from the heart and isn't generic. Personal gifting comes highly recommended, as it's guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's faces. Pocket companions are small but distinctive and make for a perfect 'just because' gift.

Here at Design 44, we have the wishbone, crown and love heart here at our little eco shop, each one lovingly designed by one of our local designers. Each charm comes with a message, reminding someone how loved they really are. The messages advise those who are gifted to carry to charm wherever they go, as it will bring them love and luck.

Beauty Products

It's a proven fact that a good skin and self-care routine improves mood and wellbeing, so beauty products make a great choice for gifts! Sustainable products are even better, as they take care of people and the planet equally. Essential oils, scrubs and moisturisers are perfect for your 'me time' ritual and can show someone just how much you care.

The Face Time face masks are carefully created by Lovely in Sheffield, and is 100% natural and vegan! It contains extra moisturising properties to help soothe your skin and help you feel as hydrated as possible. Self-care beauty products can also be provided in our gift boxes online or in store, such as the "Box of Positivity" which contains a gel face mask and bath bomb! To view to rest of our pampering gift boxes, such as the mum to be gift box or tea team gift set, please visit us here.

30 Day Challenges

This may seem like some kind of work-out strategy, but there are plenty of different "30-day challenges" that revolve around mental wellbeing and positivity. The 'self-confidence' challenge box here at Design 44 has a whole months’ worth of life-affirming messages that your loved one can look upon when they're feeling down. They're great mood boosters and are guaranteed to make anyone's day.

Know a special lady in your life who needs to know her worth? The 'girl power' challenge promotes independence and confidence, and can make all women and girls know how important they are. Here at our eco shop, we stock and sell sustainable gifts and products both in store and online, uniquely designed by local businesses. If you wish to find out more, or to view more items on our website, please visit us here.

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