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How to Make Father's Day Special in 2021

The past 15 months have been unpleasant for everyone, and we've all had to spend at least one birthday with Covid restrictions placed upon us. This year, if the roadmap out of lockdown is adhered to, Father's Day will be celebrated free of social distancing rules, so it's time to give dad the gift and treats he deserves! When looking for the perfect present, gift boxes, alcohol and chocolates alike are a great choice!

All of our products here at Design 44 are lovingly made by local designers, with a big emphasis on sustainable living! Shopping local not only shows compassion, but you're bound to give Dad a unique Father's Day gift just for him. If you want to make this year special, why not look towards our thoughtfully designed gifts?

Unique Cards

No matter what gift you present to your Dad, the one constant on Father's Day is a heartfelt card he can put on his mantle or windowsill. Of course, cards are all about what you write in them, but the design and thought that goes into them can be an added bonus. Nowadays, more and more people are opting for funny, meaningful cards that you can find online, some of which are handmade by small businesses.

Our Father's Day cards here at Design 44 are perfect for whatever tone you're going for, whether you want formal or fun! This particular card is great if your dad is more environmentally conscious, and with most of our gifts having sustainable elements, he's sure to appreciate it even more!

Quirky Gift Sets

If you're stuck for that one perfect gift, why not opt for a set full of little treats your Dad is sure to love? Typical gift boxes for Dad's include alcohol, aftershaves and sweet treats, but you know your Dad better than anyone! There are hundreds of Father's Day gift boxes to choose from, some of which you can even personalise and customise yourself!

Here at our homewares store in the UK, our gift boxes are optimal for all occasions, ranging from birthdays to anniversaries. Our 'Wiseman Toolkit' gift box comes with a herby bath bomb, face mask and chocolate, amongst other detoxifying bathroom products! It’s a great way to provide some relaxation, and makes for the perfect Father’s Day gift. To view the rest of our gift boxes, please visit us here.


Everyone loves a chocolate treat from time to time, especially Dads! They make a great present for any person and any occasion, and with so many different flavours to choose from, there's bound to be one out there that your Dad will love.

Here at Design 44, all our confectionery is made by local businesses who produce a range of yummy flavours! This chili and cinnamon drinking chocolate makes for a great night-time treat, whereas these golden chocolate drops are part of Coco's delicious range, and possess a hint of vanilla.

If you're looking for something a little different for Father's Day, please visit us on the main page of our website.

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