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How to Say "I Love You" With Gift Boxes!

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be tricky, especially when it never seems like enough! You want a gift that shows you really know them, and it needs to be bursting at the seams with how much you care. For the special people in your life, you never really can reward them for all they do. But with large or small gift boxes, you can at least try!

All of our pretty gift boxes here at Design 44 are packed full of products lovingly created by local designers, and are packaged and gift wrapped in-store. With a huge emphasis on sustainable gifts and living, you can clear your conscience as well as providing your loved one with a present they'll love. Whether you're looking for a dad or mum gift, or you just want to say, 'I Love You,' follow our handy tips below!

Calm and Serenity Gift Boxes

Every now and again, we all have a rough day, but it can be made that much better with loving friends and family behind us. These bad days can be made so much easier with pamper kits and self-love gift sets. Pamper gifts can help your loved one remember just how special they are; reminding them to look after themselves shows them just how much you care too!

Our 'Be Calm' large gift box here at Design 44 is packed full of products lovingly created by local designers. With gifts including a calm journal to track their mental health progress, and a calming spray for when they need to relax, it's the perfect gift for bringing serenity to their daily lives. Relaxation gift boxes are perfect for expectant mothers and students, so if you need some stressed teenager or mum to be gift boxes, you've come to the right place!

For New Parents

Pregnancy gifts are always a perfect way to show the expectant parents just how much they mean to you, and baby shower gifts are great for getting the new addition everything they could possibly need. When the baby arrives, the parents need some love too, so why not take their mind away from baby brain and encourage them to focus on themselves? Large or small gift boxes make for the perfect treat.

To help mum through her pregnancy, consider our 'You've Got This!' small gift box full of treats for the expectant parent to enjoy, even after the baby is born! With yummy lavender chocolate and herbal tea, it'll be a great treat for any new mum that you know. You can't forget about dad either! This 'Wiseman Toolkit' comes with a face mask, soap and other goodies to help him relax once baby is asleep!

Just Because...

You don't need a reason to show someone how much you love them. Most of the time, unexpected gestures mean the most; it shows that someone is thinking about you and wants you to be happy. Our large and small gift boxes here can really make someone's day, including our 'Be Happy' gift hamper. Packed with gifts including a large candle and a set of affirmation cards, you're sure to make their day!

All of our products are made by local designers and businesses, with a huge emphasis on eco-friendly gifts and homewares. You don't need a reason to gift someone with our 'A Little Something' gift box; it has everything your loved one could need to relax and unwind after a long day!

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