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How to Sustainably Decorate Your Child's Bedroom

Whether you're the proud parents of a newborn baby, or your little angel is entering their terrible two's, it's always worth thinking about changing their bedroom to match their bubbling personalities. If you're an eco-friendlier parent who cares about local designs and creations, we have everything you may need here at Design 44! From pretty gift boxes to wall art and prints, your child's bedroom is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Babies and children are constantly growing and changing their minds about what they like. No matter their preference, it's always worth it to look towards more sustainable, eco-friendly products. Here at Design 44, we have a vast collection of eco-friendly home accessories and gift boxes lovingly crafted by local designers, with a big emphasis on sustainability. If you're looking to upgrade your child's bedroom, read on below!

Cute Prints

Although your child or baby might not care too much about what's on their walls, it can make a real difference if they're quite plain. Young children will love characters from their favourite bands or TV shows as posters on their walls, but babies and toddlers might not give it much thought. In this case, consider adding something cute and quirky to make the room stand out a little more.

This adorable "Ey Up Duck" print is perfect if you're looking to add a little colloquialism to your home, and the cute little duck drawing is sure to be a hit! If you're looking for something a little more generic, this lovingly created baby girl room print is eye catching and gorgeous, and will look perfect amongst any current interior design and décor. To view the rest of our affordable wall prints, please visit us here.

Toys and Cuddly Teddies

A staple in any child's bedroom, your toddler or young child will always be grateful for more toys and games to play with. There are plenty of sustainable options out there for your child to enjoy, although they might not notice the eco-friendliness of it! By buying more sustainable toys and home accessories, you're making a real difference; not just to the planet, but to the attitudes surrounding the all-important greener conversation.

Here at Design 44, we have the gorgeous Picca Loulou Ruff Bear, all ready for the moon party. All your child's friends are invited to this special Picca Loulou event, and this handsome bear will look great for years to come! If your child wants something else to cuddle with, this polyester knitted octopus toy can keep Ruff Bear and your child company whilst they sleep!


As babies grow, they develop motor skills and start to recognise faces and shapes; a development stage that also applies to their toys. Comforters are a great way to help your baby sleep, especially if they develop a close bond with it. They can also help transition them into independent sleep, and provide comfort.

Our comforters here at Design 44 are all locally designed, organic and vegan, making it the perfect gift when you're looking to lower your carbon footprint. This cute hippo comforter is suitable for all genders, and is sure to make an impact with your baby. To view all our comforters, please visit us here.

Here at Design 44, we have a gorgeous range of sustainable gifts, such as pretty gift boxes and toys for children. To view our full eco-friendly homewares and gifts collection, please visit our main website here.

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