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How to Welcome Summer into Your Home!

As the warmer months make their way around, it's time to start preparing our homes and wardrobes to welcome in the sunshine! With sunny weather comes floral prints and brighter colours, and that doesn't just have to apply to what we're wearing! Here at Design 44, we have a wide collection of sustainable products such as small and large gift boxes, homewares and accessories all lovingly created by local designers, all perfect for welcoming summertime!

The beauty of home accessories made for summertime is that they're perfect for adding some colour during the dark winter months too! Our locally designed products can be displayed proudly in your home for years to come, with decorative and practical gift and items alike!

Add Some Sweet Scents

No matter whether you're looking to set the mood or have a nice soak in the bath, everybody loves a candle. There are so many glorious scents to choose from, many of which can whisk you away to a tropical shore somewhere! Candles can even be themed, so keep an eye out for candles made especially for the summer months. If you're looking for a responsibly sourced candle with eco qualities, look no further than our locally crafted candles at Design 44!

This delightful mango and mandarin scented candle with a lid is perfect for adding summer scents to your home, with a sweet aroma that's bound to enchant anyone in the room. Also, once you've finished with your candle, you can reuse it as a little planter, cutting down your waste usage!

Incorporate Colour with Prints

A colourful home is a happy home, but try not to overload your space with too many clashing patterns! A little dash of colour here and there can make any home pop, and adds a welcoming atmosphere. Wall décor and home prints are a perfect way to add a unique, colourful touch to your home, and can grab the attention of guests.

We have a wide collection of wall art and prints perfect for all preferences and homes! This 'Home Sweet Home' print is cute and unique, and is the perfect wall décor item for adding a homely feel with bright colours for the summertime. If you're looking for a touch of nature, this queen bee print is fun and quirky, and would look great in all living rooms.

Add Plants and Greenery

What better way to announce the arrival of summer than with some plants and flowers? House plants not only provide colour, scents and décor to your home, but keeping them alive and watching them bloom is something to be proud of! Whilst you look for the perfect flower for your home (here are some top tips!), we'll provide the planter!

If you're only looking for a little plant to become your new desk mate, this adorable leggy planter is perfect if you're wanting to work your way up to larger house plants. If you're already a house plant aficionado, this woven planter is great for succulents, and can transport your home and plants to the coast! To view the rest of our sustainable home accessories, please visit us here.

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