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Make Your Summer Fashion More Sustainable!

As the weather gets warmer and the lockdown restrictions lift, it's time to start getting out and about and catching up with old friends! Some of us may need to update our wardrobes, but many of us need some brand-new accessories to make a real statement! In order to enhance our fashion guilt-free, it’s worth looking towards more eco-friendly accessories and local designs to show our commitment to the planet!

Here at Design 44, we have a stunning collection of sustainable accessories with a huge emphasis on small business promotion and local designs! Most of our products are made from recycled materials or created in cruelty-free ways, in order to give you that perfect sustainable fashion statement. We also have delightful home accessories and confectionery, which you can buy separately or in a large or small gift box! If you're looking to make your summer fashion more eco conscious, read our latest article below!

Introduce Handmade Hairclips to your Look

Hairclips are not only utilised to hold your hair out of your face; they can draw in attention with their many unique designs, and can match with any outfit! They can easily be placed and removed, allowing you to control your hairstyle with ease. You can style your hair in any way you choose; hair clips give you the ability to add more fashionable accessories to your everyday look!

All of our hairclips are lovingly created by local designers using sustainably sourced materials, and are handmade to cut down on large manufacturing processes. These geometric hair pins are unique and trendy, with pastel colours to match with your daily summer outfits! If you need a more classic appeal, these chain and pearl hair clips are great for completing your night-time outfits, and go with all types of hair styles and colours.

Make a Statement with a Trendy Bag

Bags are one of the most practical accessories that you can own. They come in a range of different sizes, styles and colours, and you can even choose a particular bag for different occasions. Tote bags are the simplest options; they have no compartments, but they often display stunning designs and can hold numerous items from your day to day life!

Our tote bags here at Design 44 are lovingly designed by Spira of Sweden, and their designs can even be printed onto cute pillows! They are made from 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly materials, making them a great sustainable addition to your accessories! To view the rest of the Spira of Sweden collection, please visit us here!

Jewellery for All Occasions

If you're wanting to start small when introducing eco-friendly accessories to your daily fashion choices, jewellery is a perfect way to go. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets alike can all be created using sustainable materials and production methods, so it’s best to shop locally when looking for your next eye-catching jewellery piece!

All of our jewellery here at Design 44 can match perfectly with all kinds of outfits, such as these dainty Isla earrings, whose pastel and gold combinations make for a dazzling pair! If you need somewhere to store your brand-new eco-friendly accessories, our cute trinket dishes are perfect, and they're in-house designed too!

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