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Making Your Spring Celebrations More Sustainable

With the changing of the seasons comes a range of exciting opportunities to look forward to. The warmer weather, the roadmap out of lockdown and the spring festivities are all reasons to be cheerful right now, so why not start celebrating by adding some fun, sustainable products to your spring festivities. From high-quality yet cheap homewares to sustainable stationery and toys, we've got everything you need.

Here at Design 44, we stock and sell a range of eco-friendly, recycled products made entirely of sustainable materials and cruelty-free production methods. All of our items are made by local designers, reinforcing our "buy local" ethos and brand to our customers. Read our latest article below to see which eco-friendly products and home decor you can buy to prepare for spring!

Arts and Crafts

A traditional spring activity, especially for children, is crafting cute Easter bonnets, cards and paintings. Kids may have missed out this year due to the pandemic, but there's nothing stopping you from celebrating the festivities at home! Making cute little bonnets and drawings can let your child's creative juices flow, and is a great spring activity, especially since we're still stuck inside!

Our eco friendly stationery here at Design 44 is perfect for taking down notes and storing your pens and pencils. Our vegan leather pencil case is the perfect designer option for keeping your kid's felt tips and coloured pencils all rounded up, so they won't lose them when it comes to their next crafting adventure! You can view our full stationery collection here.

Fun Prints

Spring is a time for new life and seeing all the cute baby animals at farms and around lakes, so why not bring some of that warm, springtime feeling into your home? Wall art prints made from recycled and biodegradable material can also help you lower your carbon footprint, so you don't have to worry about waste.

Our cute range of prints here at Design 44 are lovingly crafted by local designers, all of which are perfect for adding spring to your home. Our 'Ey Up Duck' print is cute and playful, and its A4 size means it can fit perfectly on any wall in your home. Our collection of floral prints, such as the 'Adventure is Out There' options are perfect for welcoming the warmer weather, adding colour and nature to your home.


It's important to keep the kids entertained during these trying times. This can be hard, especially with the weather still not quite warm enough. Luckily, there are a range of fun activities you can undertake at home in order to keep the little ones smiling! Playing dress-up, board games or playing with fun toys can brighten their mood, and if you're looking to keep it themed for spring, our cute bunny Easter mask here at Design 44 is perfect. Make your little bunnies smile this Spring, and don't let the weather spoil your fun!

Here at Design 44, we have a collection of sustainable, cheap home accessories, wall art and stationery, plus a range of other plastic-free products and home furnishing all lovingly made by local designers. If you would like to browse our vast collection, please visit us here.

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