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Our Top Homeware Picks for Animal Lovers

If you love animals, chances are, you'll look for everyday items that are cruelty free and sustainable. We're all animal lovers on some level, and we never want to see them harmed. Luckily, there are thousands of products out there made from eco-friendly methods that have the animal's best interests at heart! With a range of products such as duck prints and bamboo animal spoons, you can even incorporate that naturistic feel into your home!

Here at Design 44, we put a big emphasis on sustainable produce and local design. All of our homewares and accessories are designed and crafted by hundreds of local designers and businesses. Are you an animal lover, or do you need a gift to surprise a loved one? Check out our top picks below!

Fun Prints

If your walls and bare and in need of some artwork, why not try some fun animal prints out for size? They're perfect for all animal lovers, and our collections here at Design 44 even come with unique text and messages to really make a statement! They're also a good idea for children's bedrooms and nurseries to help fuel their imagination.

Our 'Ey Up Duck' print makes for a fun addition to any northern home, and is sure to catch the attention of guests, no matter what room it's in! Also, this 'Queen Bee' wall art is a great way to show your support for the honeybees! Put it pride of place in your living room to make a statement piece you can be proud of. To view our full print collection, please visit us here.

Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is a place of sanctuary for some, and having animal themed accessories can bring comfort and joy to a space. They're a great choice for kid’s plates, bowls and cutlery, and can bring entertainment to their dinner times! Prints also look great in the kitchen, and you can even look for themed coasters and placemats.

These baby bamboo animal spoons not only display cute wildlife creatures on their handles, but they're a great way to lower your single plastic usage! They're made from 100% planet-friendly bamboo, and have been lovingly designed by one of our many local designers!

Unique, Hand-Crafted Gift Boxes

Small or large gift boxes make for a perfect present for your loved one. Personalised gift boxes can be packed full of anything, such as treats to relax with, kids toys or home accessories. All of our gift boxes here at Design 44 place a huge emphasis on sustainability and local design, making them the perfect gift for lowering yours and your loved one's carbon footprint!

This child's gift box comes with a cute little lunchbox with a map of the world and little animals scattered across it, alongside a fun activity book and water bottle that they can take with them to school! If you would like to view the rest of our small and large gift boxes, please visit us here!

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