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Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, it can be hard to find that perfect present to show your mum just how much she means to you. Finding that extra special gift that’s both personal and unique can be the best way to show your mum that you care. But where do you start? Luckily, there are small businesses out there to help you create the perfect Mother’s Day.

Here at Design 44, located at Intu Derby, we craft and sell handmade home accessories and gifts perfect for any occasion. All of our products are eco-friendly and lovingly made by local designers. This Mothering Sunday, support the planet and local businesses alike by purchasing a unique gift for your mum today!


Before you even think about the gift, you need a card that you know your mum will love. Instead of opting for the same old mass produced cards, why not look towards handmade versions designed with love by local people? Not only can it be a great way to show your mum some love, but by supporting small businesses, you’re making a real difference in the wider world.

Here at Design 44, we have a range of Mother’s Day cards in a collection of different styles and designs. If it’s your loved one’s very first Mothering Sunday, why not surprise them with a first time mum’s card directly from her baby? This personal touch makes for the most perfect Mother’s Day present, and can make the day all the more special. If you want to add some humour to your lockdown celebrations, our funny messages are the perfect way to say thanks and make mum laugh!


Although candles are a widely available choice, you can still add a loving touch by turning it into a more heartfelt, personalised gift. Whether you place them around the bath during a much needed soak, or if they’re used to bring essence to any room, candles are the quintessential option for a perfect Mother’s Day gift. By purchasing a handmade candle, it can be the perfect way to show that thought and care went into deciding the best gift for your mum.

Our candles here at Design 44 are all hand poured and eco-friendly, with labels declaring that they’re made specifically for “marvellous mums.” Our cruelty-free rhubarb and elderflower candle is presented beautifully in an eco-friendly casing, making for a heartfelt gift idea.

Gift Boxes

Can’t decide on just one present? Why not opt for a hand-crafted gift set full of personal products your mum will love?! Our gift boxes here at Design 44 are available in different sizes, and come with a collection of small, unique Mother's day gifts to show you really care. Filled with products made lovingly by local brands, our gift boxes include a hand-poured candle and matches, dried flowers cased lovingly in a glass jar, and yummy chocolate to satisfy her sweet tooth! What more, is you can even write a personalised card to add that customised touch.

Here at Design 44, we’re passionate about lowering our carbon footprint, as well as promoting local businesses and designers. Located at Intu Derby, shops like ours produce hand-made, sustainable products to add touches of love and care to each home, showcasing the work of talented designers along the way. To find out more, or to browse our vast collection, please visit us here.

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