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Perfect Prints for the Rooms in your Home

All rooms in your home need the essentials in order to provide the basic functions. Living rooms need sofas, kitchens need appliances, and bedrooms need a bed! But sometimes, does it feel like something is missing? Most of the time, all rooms need is a little extra décor to really make a statement, and art prints are the perfect way to do this! When looking for artsy prints, clothing or cards online, why not look towards local businesses to make special occasions that bit more personal.

Here at Design 44, we have a range of home accessories and gifts lovingly created by local designers. From birthday cards to gift boxes, children's toys to stationery, all our products are 100% sustainable and made to promote small businesses. Read our latest article below to discover what wall prints would be perfect for your home!

Living Room

Of all the rooms in your home, your living room is probably the most important. It's where you spend most of your relaxation time, and the interior décor needs to speak to you and who you are. The colours and style need to match cohesively, and the added decorations need to complement the home perfectly. There are a range of wall prints that can add character to your room, and by looking towards locally designed and sustainable products, you're sure to make a wider statement too!

The "Ey Up Duck" print is a cheeky choice and a nod to the Northern regional dialect. It's perfect for homes up in the North and East Midlands and pays homage to a popular greeting. The image of the duck is a cute twist to the colloquial phrase, and makes for a colourful, statement piece for all living rooms!


The home of food and cooking utensils, your kitchen is a room that often gets neglected when it comes to fun, quirky artwork additions, as that honour usually goes to the dining room. Kitchens are perfect places for wall prints, and can provide character to a usually neutral room. Look towards food-related prints to relate to the tone of the room and add some quirkiness to your home!

The "Don't Panic it's Organic" print is a cute, relevant art print that will look fabulous in all homes! It can be sold in either A4 or A5 size, and has been lovingly designed by one of our amazing designers. Here at Design 44, we care about promoting local businesses and showcasing talent. Therefore, our prints and cards online and in store are all locally designed. If you wish to showcase your designs in our store, please get in touch here!


The room that requires the most lavish yet comfortable design, your bedroom serves an important purpose. It needs to have a relaxing atmosphere, all the while keeping in line with your personal preferences and style. Messages of optimism and hope are popular choices for bedrooms, and we have a life-affirming collection here at Design 44, all of which come with free online delivery for a limited time!

Our "Adventure is Out There" and "Stop and Smell the Roses" prints are cute and colourful, with their floral style adding that summertime feeling. They can either be hung up freestyle or in a frame and look beautiful either way. By selling sustainable, local prints and cards online and in store, we aim to lower our carbon footprint as well as promote talented designers nationwide! To view our full print collection, please visit us here!

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