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Quirky Gifts for a New Home

There's nothing more exciting than moving into a new home. Whether it's your first place or a new home in a completely new area, moving house and setting up is a great experience. It's always a thoughtful idea to buy your friends or loved ones housewarming presents to ensure they get settled in with a touch of love. When considering housewarming gifts, why not look towards eco-friendly, handmade home accessories?

Here at Design 44, we design and craft lovely sustainable gifts and products perfect for all occasions. Our local business at the Derbion in Derby is home to a range of products lovingly created by local designers, all made from sustainably sourced materials and production methods. Looking for that perfect, eco-friendly gift for someone's new home? Consider these quirky, unique options below.

Coasters and Placemats

No home is complete without mats to place your cups and dishes on. Coasters and placemats are staples in most people's homes, but they are more likely to be forgotten when furniture shopping. Surprising your loved ones with some eccentric gifts for their home really shows you care, and can make moving day that bit more exciting.

Here at Design 44, we have a range of placemats and coasters lovingly crafted by local designers. Our "Know Your Worth, then Add Tax" coaster is the perfect quirky gift for any home, and due to their sustainable properties, they are great for lowering your carbon footprint.


A popular housewarming gift, but an effective one nonetheless, planters are a cute gift idea for anyone who's looking for some natural decor, or someone who really loves their succulents! There are some quirky examples out there; some shaped like cute animals, others displaying life-affirming messages, all of which are perfect for making a house feel like a home.

Our sustainable planter collection comes in a range of styles and colours, perfect for any home. Our Small Leggy face Planter is a cute little guy who can display indoor plants proudly in any room, and it makes a great gift idea due to its eco-friendly materials.

Cushion Covers and Throws

When looking for ways to decorate your sofa or bed, the most popular option is to go for some extra pillows and a nice, cosy throw. By looking to a sustainable option, you can provide this comfort whilst lowering your carbon footprint and supporting a local business. Our recycled, organic cotton throw is lovingly handwoven and makes for a perfect housewarming gift. When paired with one of our unique cushion cover designs, you're sure to make a house a home.

Here at Design 44, we sell a range of sustainable gifts and products lovingly handmade by a range of talented local designers. From homewares and accessories to jewellery and organic beauty products, our eco-friendly collection is the perfect way to show you care and protect the environment. For more information, please drop us an email at

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