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Quirky Homewares that Every Home Needs

When you visit big brand stores for some brand-new homewares, it's almost always the same mass-produced products that line the shelves. Every home needs something a little unique to draw in attention and make a statement, and independent eco shops are always the way to go! With products hand-crafted and lovingly created by local designers, make your next homeware purchase an eco-friendly product from a local business.

Here at Design 44, we have a collection of handmade products and personalised gifts carefully created by local designers, with a big emphasis on sustainability and reliability. From small and large gift boxes to wall prints, we've got everything you need for a thoughtful gift or new home décor piece!

Funky Coasters and Trinket Dishes

No home is complete without drinks coasters, and they're often forgotten about when someone moves to a new house. Not only do they keep those pesky ring stains off your tables, but you can also get a wide variety of unique designs perfect if you're looking to add a little quirkiness! Trinket dishes are also great places to store miscellaneous items that you're guilty of misplacing from time to time, and look great whilst doing so.

Here at our eco shop in Derby, we have a range of fun coasters and trinket dishes that would look the part in any home. Our quote coasters, such as the "know your worth, then add tax" coaster is a fun alternatively to plain boring variants, whereas our cork coasters are great if you're looking to switch to eco products. We stock an impressive collection of cheap homewares in the UK, which you can view here.


If you're a plant lover, then you'll probably already have a succulent or tiny plant encased in a cute little planter in your home. You can either have them stood on your desk or hanging from a discreet nook in your dining room or kitchen, but whatever you opt for, you're going to want a unique planter in your home to stand out from the crowd!

Here at Design 44, we have a cute collection of planters, both large or small, and we even have a personalised gift box for the plant lover in your life. This leggy planter has been lovingly designed and crafted to fit perfectly on your desk, and can hold a range of plants and succulents. If you're looking for the perfect birthday gift box, you can browse our collection.


There's nothing quite like having a collection of comfy pillows on your bed or sofa to fully relax into when putting your feet up watching the TV! You can get your typical run-of-the-mill pillows from high end shops, but if you're looking for more unique designs, consider a local, small business like us here at Design 44.

We place a big emphasis on local, environmentally friendly design on all our products, with our eco shop in Derby stocking a range of lovingly crafted pieces. Our cushion covers, such as the Hedda variant, are the perfect choices for making your home more quirky, and can fit in amongst your interior design! To view the rest of our cushion covers, please click here.

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