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Reasons to Buy Sustainable Gifts

Updated: Mar 9

Sustainable and environmentally friendly produce is becoming more and more popular as we become increasingly aware of our effect on the planet. For a product to be sustainable, it needs to have been made in a way that doesn’t damage the environment and uses renewable resources. Here at Design 44, we’re passionate about producing eco-friendly gifts and items perfect for you and the planet.

Here at our independent store at Intu Derby, we sell a range of handmade, eco-friendly gifts and products perfect for lowering your carbon footprint and showing someone you really care. Our eco concession “Eco Matters Online” is home to a range of eco gifts and accessories, carefully chosen for their durability. Chemical and cruelty-free, these products are guaranteed to add some eco-friendliness to your home. Read our article below to see why you should go sustainable today.

It’s Better for the Environment

Probably the most important selling point when discussing sustainable gifts, organic products and accessories are much better for our planet than mass-produced items from big brand stores. Here at Design 44, our eco-friendly products operate on a less-waste mentality, meaning they’re made from renewable materials and created to last. All of our products in-store are handmade, so little energy is being used to produce and distribute them. When planning sustainable gift ideas, consider the fact that you’re not only showing someone you care, you’re showing the planet some love too.

We have a gorgeous collection of environmentally friendly gifts and accessories here at Design 44, located in the Intu Derby shopping centre. Our baby bamboo spoons are made of 100% plant-friendly bamboo, making them completely plastic-free.

It Encourages Big Businesses to do the Same

When you buy non-sustainable products from big-brand names, you’re increasing the demand for them, which in turn keeps the need for energy waste. When you start looking for sustainable alternatives and shopping locally at small businesses, this can encourage big brands to do the same. These companies will always look at what sells and what is garnering interest, so playing your part in saving the planet can make a big difference.

Before looking to more well-known brands for your home accessories, consider shopping locally and supporting a small business like us. We always aim to give local designers a platform to showcase their products in our store, as well as buying in from small design brands who pride themselves on being eco-friendly. In-store and online, we sell the adorably cute Picca Loulou range, including Ruff Bear and Fairy Mathilda. These sweet gifts are made from sustainable and natural materials and are the perfect choice for children.

Set a Good Example!

By purchasing sustainable gifts and accessories, you’re showcasing your dedication to the care and nurture of the planet. Buying environmentally friendly produce is the way forward in lowering our carbon footprint and reducing the speed of climate change, and it all starts with you.

By shopping in our eco-friendly range, you’re showing your love for your home and the planet, and you’ll be proud to let people know about the sustainable products in your possession. Here at Design 44, we craft and sell sustainable gifts and products online and in-store, perfect for all kinds of occasions. We also offer eco refills in-store. If you’d like more information, please drop us a message anytime.

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