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Unconventional Reasons to Send a Greetings Card

There are many different reasons why someone would send a loved one a greetings card. Birthday’s, Christmas and expressions of sympathy are just some of the more popular reasons to show someone you’re thinking about them. Although simple, sending a card can really make someone’s day, and show’s that they’re being thought of. So, who needs to wait for a special occasion?

Here at Design 44, located at the Derbion shopping centre, all of our cards are eco-friendly and crafted by talented local designers and small businesses alike. We’re passionate about boosting the visibility of local designers, as well as lowering ours and your carbon footprint. Read our article to discover more reasons to send cards today.

A Simple Gesture of Love

When you love someone, you don’t need a reason to show them. Cards can be a simple yet effective way to let someone know how you really feel, as small gestures really can go a long way. Whether you’re writing to send a simple message of love, or you know someone has been under the weather lately and you want to cheer them up, cards can be the perfect gift. It’s not always about the material aspects; more often than not, words mean more than presents.

If you’re looking to cheer your loved one up, consider looking towards our ‘Notes of Affection’ pack. With six unique messages displayed brightly for your loved one, it’ll be sure to put a smile on their face. Whether they’re a gift for Valentines Day, or to just keep the flame of romance alive, they’re a perfect choice for showing someone you care.

‘First Time’ Occasions

When someone achieves an important milestone in their lives for the first time, it’s usually worth celebrating. Their first baby, first wedding anniversary, or even their first Mother’s or Father’s Day, it’s nice to send a cute card to let someone know they’re doing a great job. If they’re a new parent, it’s a thoughtful idea to send a, for example, “first birthday as a parent” card from their baby. These kinds of cards can be saved as mementos, and are a lovely way to make someone smile.

Here at Design 44, we have a cute collection of eco-friendly ‘first time’ cards, such as a ’New Mum’ card. This can be written as if it’s coming from the baby, or from anyone, just to let mum know that she’s doing an amazing job. We also have a range of gift boxes crafted by local designers, perfect for all occasions.

Achievement Cards

When someone has achieved a terrific milestone in their life, it’s always nice to be celebrated. Even if it seems small to everyone else, it could be a great accomplishment for someone in particular, and what better way to show you care by sending a card. From graduating to passing their driving test, receiving a simple card goes a long way, especially when filled with words from the heart.

Our sustainable greetings cards here at Design 44 are the perfect way to spread some love, especially during these difficult times we’ve found ourselves in. Although our shop at the Derbion is currently closed, we are still selling our gorgeous products online. Please visit us here to view our locally designed, eco-friendly collection.

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