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Unique Gifts for Welcoming a New Baby

When a friend or family member announces that they're expecting a little bundle of joy, it's an incredibly exciting time for everyone. For all their nearest and dearest, it's all about finding the perfect gifts or large gift boxes both the parents and the baby will appreciate and enjoy. When thinking about your gift, why not opt for an eco-friendly, sustainable baby product lovingly created by local designers?

Here at Design 44, we lovingly craft and sell cute, sustainable products and home accessories for all kinds of occasions. Based in Derby, we can deliver our products to any home across the UK, just in time for the little miracle to make its way into the world. We all know the usual gifts people buy for a new arrival, but if you really want to stand out, consider these top tips for unique gifts.

Sustainable Clothing

Baby grows and cute little shoes are the perfect way to welcome a new baby. Of course, they're common gifts, but by looking at more sustainable, hand designed options, you're supporting local businesses and saving the planet at the same time! Mass-produced clothing isn't all that good for the planet, and can take business away from people really trying to make a difference. Therefore, opting for more eco-friendly products goes a long way, even in the tiniest of clothing.

Our cute all-in-one jumpers double as a baby grow, and are emblazoned with a little rainbow graphic stitch, lovingly created by one of our local designers. Our jumpers come in a range of neutral colours, perfect for all genders. With long sleeves and warm colours, it's the perfect choice for keeping the baby warm when they're out and about.

Everyday Essentials

When buying a new baby gifts, it's usually things for the bedroom and clothing. Why not look towards everyday essentials, such as cutlery, plates and cups? It'll be a great help to the parents, and by providing more sustainable options, you're cutting down on waste. There are plenty of products out there made from eco-friendly materials, some of which have been designed specifically by local creators.

Here at Design 44, we have a range of baby feeding spoons and assorted items perfect for the new arrival. Our baby bamboo spoons are a cute option for feeding time, with little woodland creatures engraved onto the handle. They're a 100% planet-friendly option, allowing you and the parents to cut down on plastic usage.

Bedroom Décor

Decorating a baby's bedroom is one of the most exciting tasks expectant parents can take on. The colour scheme, the cot and the toys all make a baby's nursery unique to them. Once you know the colour scheme, it makes it easier to buy gifts such as wall prints and decorative toys in order to make sure the colours don't clash.

We have a range of baby wall prints here at Design 44 lovingly designed by local businesses. Our baby room print resembles a jungle scene, and looks cute hung up on any wall. Unique designs such as our "Ey Up Duck" and "Baby Girl" wall prints are ideal designs for your new baby, and can really tie their new nursery together. If you want to find out more about our designs, or would like to showcase your own designs in our store, please get in touch today by emailing

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