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Why Gift Boxes Are the Perfect Present

Sometimes, it can be hard to think of the perfect present for that special someone in your life, especially when you know that they deserve the world. It can be so tempting to just put money in a card because "that way, they can just get what they want," but where's the thought in that? Luckily, there's a way you can say "I love you" without overthinking it too much! Consider a large or small gift box the next time you're looking for that perfect present!

Here at Design 44, we craft and deliver gift boxes and care packages for all sorts of occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or you just want to show someone you care, our gift boxes are bound to delight. You can even personalise your gift with a small note to really show someone you care. All of our gift boxes include items lovingly made by local designers, with sustainability being of utmost priority.

They're Great for All Occasions

Whether you're looking to surprise on a special occasion, or you just feel like being nice, you don't need a reason to present a loved one with a small or large gift box. They're a perfect way to show how much you know someone, as there are so many different themes to choose from! From pamper gift sets to welcoming a new baby, a packaged gift full of little trinkets is bound to bring joy to anyone who opens it.

We have a vast range of large and small gift boxes here at Design 44, all lovingly packaged by our owner Jade, with a huge emphasis on local designers and small businesses. If you're looking for a gift box for mum, this gorgeous option comes in large or small, and is lovingly packed with chocolate, flowers and a tiny book detailing all the things you love about her. If you know someone who's expecting a baby, this great mum-to-be gift includes tea bags and chocolate to help mum feel comfortable as she waits for her new arrival.

They're More Personal

Anyone can give your loved one money, flowers or alcohol. Gift boxes make a larger statement; they show someone how much you truly care and know them, as a little bit of thought goes a long way. They're also incredibly unique and contemporary, as you can be sure that not many people, if anyone, will have gifted them with a gift box full of everything they would need and appreciate.

Are you wondering what to get that special person in your life for their birthday? This "Loving You is Easy" gift box says it all. With a range of gifts such as a sustainable soy candle, chocolate and a little book of romantic gestures, your loved one is sure to adore it! Has the new arrival we mentioned previously already made its way into the world? Our "Hello Baby" gift box comes with a cream and comforter perfect the new bundle of joy.

They're Practical Too

Not only are gift boxes a fun, exciting gift for all sorts of occasions and events, they can come with practical gifts and products perfect for around the home and day to day activities. Everyone appreciates a gift that they can use repeatedly, as they're incredibly useful and can really add to the ease of someone's life.

Tea lovers will adore our cute "Time for Tea" set, as it comes with loose leaf tea, a tea strainer and a mug, plus many more products that someone special in your life can use frequently. Our large and small gift boxes here at Design 44 are lovingly crafted and designed by our local designers, with huge emphasis placed upon local produce and crafts. If you would like to view the rest of our products, you can visit our store here.

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